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My name is Lloyd Kurtz and I live in Ellinwood, a small town in the middle of Kansas. I am just an old man that likes to tinker, sometimes I improve things and sometimes I don’t, this time I did.

We pull a Jeep Wrangler behind our RV and I noticed there was no place to keep umbrellas, bug spray, tissues and other small items off the seats. You did to. I obtained some vinyl and fabricated our first set of Jeep Storage Trays to utilize that wasted space below the rear side windows. Soon my friends wanted sets and suggested we sell them.

Ours is a very simple operation, we have the vinyl blanks made to our specifications and fabricate them in our garage. The vinyl is the same as they use on vinyl fencing so UV light does not affect it.

CUSTOMER SERVICE and satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any questions or problems, please give me a call at 620-566-7157 or e-mail me at Jeepstoragetray@gmail.com.

Lloyd Kurtz