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Installing your new Jeep Storage Trays is a breeze! 

Below the rear side window are three screws holding the Top to the Body of your Wrangler.  Remove these screws, you will use the same screws to install the trays. 

Place the tray in place, there is a sticker on the bottom of the tray telling you it is for the Drivers side or Passenger side. 

The trays have predrilled holes for the screws and alignment pins, replace the screws and do the other side.  

What You'll Need: 
You will be reusing the screws from your Jeep, so no extra hardware is needed.

  • For the TJ and JK Wranglers, you will need a T-40 Torx driver available for sale here. 

  • For the JL Wranglers, you will need a T-50 Torx driver available for sale here.

  • Four Easy Steps to Install Jeep Storage Trays:

    STEP 1)

    Locate the three screws just below your rear windows. (*see image).  Remove all three screws on that side.

    STEP 2)

    Select the Jeep Storage Tray you need for the side you are installing first.  There is a sticker on the bottom of each tray showing either passenger side or driver side.

      ·On the JK Wrangler model – Set it on the shelf below the window so the alignment pins go into the two holes of the tray, leaving three holes for the screws.   

      ·On the JL Wrangler model – there are no alignment pins, so just place it over the bolt holes and insert the screws.

    STEP 3)
    Tighten screws back down.
    Helpful Hint: 
    Start the screws back in by hand so they don’t get cross threaded. 

    STEP 4) 
    Repeat this process on the other side.