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Jeep Storage Tray Pros

They provide additional storage areas on both sides of the Wrangler for those items always on the seats and floor.

Perfect for Moms, Hobbyists, Outdoor enthusiasts and People on the Go.

They are White to match the interior of your hardtop and they cover up the screws holding the top to the body giving the interior of your Wrangler a clean and finished look.

Easy and fast installation. Three screws out and back in.

100% made in Kansas, USA

They make your Wrangler look COOL, and everybody wants to look cool.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is very important to us, so if you have a problem or question, please give me a call. Lloyd Kurtz 620-566-7157 or e-mail me at Jeepstoragetray@gmail.com.

Jeep Storage Tray Cons

They will not hold Basketballs or Footballs, but they do hold Tennis Balls and Golf Balls.

When your wife puts all the travel snacks in the trays for a road trip, you can’t reach them while driving. BUT, EVERYONE ELSE CAN.

Funny story about this con. A customer named Jim in New Mexico sent me an E-mail saying that while on a road trip his wife, Janice, put the snacks in the trays. His exact words were “I COULDN’T REACH EM”. I sent him an E-mail back saying that Janice was not part of the warranty and he was on his own.