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Jeep Storage Trays

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Jeep Storage Trays

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The Jeep Storage Tray is a unique solution designed specifically for your Jeep Wrangler! These full trays attach directly to your Wrangler's rear-side window frames turning wasted space into a valuable storage area! 

Our trays are only $39.95 per set with FREE SHIPPING!

They're simple to install by removing the three screws that hold your Wrangler top on, placing our trays in, and placing the screws back in! Anyone can do it. 

These unique trays help solve the issue of lack of storage in your Jeep Wrangler allowing you to free up your cargo space while keeping important items on hand. 

CAUTION:  You should secure any item in any vehicle that could potentially become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident.

Helpful Hints on Picking Your Model: 

If your Wrangler is a 1997-2006 year model
You have a TJ Wrangler. From 2004–06 Jeep produced a few TJ Unlimited (a stretched version of the TJ sometimes referred to as the LJ or long Jeep) The LJ’s are 10 inches longer than the standard TJ’s and there is a noticeable difference in the longer rear windows.

If your Wrangler is a 2006–2017 year model
You have a JK Wrangler (2 door) or a JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4 door) model

If your Wrangler is a 2018 year model
Jeep changed from JK to JL models mid-year
If your door handles have a push button you have a JK or JKU model.
If have door handles that you pull out you have a JL or JLU model.

If your Wrangler is a 2019 or newer year model
You have a JL Wrangler (2 door) or JLU Wrangler Unlimited (4 door)

Some of these models are confusing, if you are unsure of your model, please give Lloyd a call 620-566-7157 and I will be more than happy to assist you. 

Need a Torx Bit to Install Your Trays? We can help! Shop our Torx Bit specific for your Jeep here.


    • Material

      Jeep Storage Trays are crafted from a heavy-duty vinyl material.

    • Size

      Jeep Storage Trays are specially designed to fit your make and model of Jeep Wrangler. Size is dependent upon your selection at checkout.

    • Money-Back Guarantee

      We guarantee you're going to love your Jeep Storage Tray. If you're not 100% satisfied with your product, please contact us for a full refund.